Rebel Without a Cause is a landmark film, and for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the film, we want to produce the show off-Broadway in order to honor it and show that its message is still relevant.  Released in 1955, the film captures a moment that has become revered in American history.  Through the many iconic images from the 50s, it is often seen as the ideal way of life: a time of innocence, simple living, and a time of beauty.  It was the age of I Love Lucy, Norman Rockwell paintings, and new heights in fashion and design.  Yet, as Rebel shows, it may have been a simpler time, but things were far from simple.  The feelings of angst, uncertainty, depression and loneliness were all present.  We now seem all too willing to accept that during this point in time everything was ideal.  Father always knew best and Dick and Jane were still content watching Spot run.  By reviving Rebel on the stage, we hope to correct some of these assumptions whilst still maintaining the beauty that this era possessed.

By bringing a live stage production of Rebel to life off-Broadway, we believe that its message and significance can make its mark on a whole new generation.  By producing the show in a heavily visited tourist area of New York, we have the ability to reach people from all parts of the world.  What better way to introduce people to the film and to celebrate its 50th anniversary.  Hopefully by starting early, we can inspire other projects to commemorate the anniversary of the film and the passing of James Dean.

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Rebel Without A Cause 1955 - 2005 50th Anniversary